Brand is not about your bottom-line. It is not what you sell or the widgets you make. Your brand is the vehicle for your story; so what story are you telling? We become immersed, enchanted, and enamored by the stories behind the things & services we desire. That is where design and creativity find purpose, in providing solutions to deliver such messages; that is the "art" of storytelling

RDQLUS creates and revitalizes brands, finding solutions to the equations of what you need to tell your story most affectively.

Identity Therapy™ and Solutions Through The Art of Storytelling

More than phrases, the RDQLUS processes of "Identity Therapy" and "The Art of Storytelling" produce insightful, pointed discovery into solutions that help businesses and companies of all kinds connect to their audiences. There are no line-item creative briefs here. You have a story to tell—let me find it or create one for you! "Identity Therapy" is the creation or revitalization of the core message of your brand story. "The Art of Storytelling" is my process of finding deeper, more purposeful messaging.

Creative Direction - There are many times when you need a skilled creative mind to offer fresh, strategic perspective—whether that's starting from inception (dreamin' up whole worlds like DiCaprio) or give an infusion of new thought & "strategery" (G. Dubya's words not mine) along the way.

Brand Development - All the pretty, pretty pictures in the world don't matter without a story to tell. Finding your brand's pedigree & messaging is the most crucial part of what RDQLUS does.

Identity Design - Because you're not reeeeeally thinking about using that clip-art are you? Step your game up and understand why you will need more than that logo your nephew made. (unless, of course, I'm your nephew?!)

Sweet Sweet Dance Moves…  and general badassery does abound with RDQLUS. Deal with it!

Clients that have gotten a little RDQLUS: 
ABC / Disney (Los Angeles)
T-Mobile USA (Seattle / North America)
Brinshore Development (Chicago)
Ali Shaheed Muhammed {A Tribe Called Quest} (NYC)
ConAgra Foods
NIKE iD (Portland)
MSN / Microsoft (Seattle/North America/Worldwide)

Studios & Agency Clients:
Phenomblue (Omaha / Los Angeles)
Digital Soup (Los Angeles)
Tribecca Designs (NYC / San Francisco)
Ervin & Smith Advertising & PR
NOLEJ Studio (NYC)
Digital Soup (Los Angeles)