Solutions through the Art of Storytelling.

We do not buy, attach ourselves to, or celebrate things. We become immersed in and enchanted with stories—that is the art of it. And still, creativity finds purpose in design and strategic thought being used to provide solutions. Simply put, I create world-class brands, revitalize brands in need and make the things that brands need. That's just RDQLUS! (See what I did right there?) Telling your story should not be left to a shoot-from-the-hip, random assortment of cute, clever ideas with no cohesive vision. That's not a brand… that's a random assortment of cute, clever ideas. Duh! That's where RDQLUS CREATIVE comes in.

Steve Gordon Jr

[ independent creative director / designer / get-away driver ]

What began as an award-winning design career shifted to instinctive travels on the paths of ideation, subculture, and the idea that your artwork, in bits and pieces are not enough—not special at all. It's the sum of all parts that tell a story and reveal the brand.

RDQLUS is Steve Gordon Jr; award-winning designer, internationally published author, keynote speaker—not to mention decent in a bar scrap and a good get-away driver. But Steve is most comfortable thinking up solutions to creative equations posed by clients. The author of '100 Habits for Successful Freelance Designers' (Rockport Publishers), '365 Habits of Successful Designers', the work of RDQLUS CREATIVE has been featured in design industry publications and prominent annuals such as the annuals and "Master Library" series. In 2011, Steve's ahead-of-the-curve approach was highlighted as a developing future trend by "Graphic Design USA."

Also a keynote speaker, Steve has been featured at national conferences  such as the HOW Design Live conference, the Creative Freelancer Conference and local “Meet the Pros” & BarCamp events.

Skills on Deck

Creative Direction - There are many times when you need a skilled creative mind to offer fresh, strategic perspective—whether that's starting from inception (dreamin' up whole worlds like DiCaprio) or give an infusion of new thought & "strategery" along the way.

Brand Development - All the pretty, pretty pictures in the world don't matter without a story to tell. Finding your brand's pedigree & messaging is the most crucial part of what RDQLUS does.

Identity Design - Because you're not reeeeeally thinking about using that clip-art are you? Step your game up and understand why you will need more than that logo your nephew made. (unless, of course, I'm your nephew?!)

Sweet Sweet Dance Moves…  and general badassery does abound with RDQLUS. Deal with it!

Clients that have gotten a little RDQLUS: 
ABC / Disney (Los Angeles)
T-Mobile USA (Seattle / North America)
Brinshore Development (Chicago)
Ali Shaheed Muhammed {A Tribe Called Quest} (NYC)
ConAgra Foods
NIKE iD (Portland)
MSN / Microsoft (Seattle/North America/Worldwide)

Studios & Agencies:
Phenomblue (Omaha / Los Angeles)
Tribecca Designs (NYC / San Francisco)
Ervin & Smith Advertising & PR
NOLEJ Studio (NYC)
Digital Soup (Los Angeles)