logo design / apparel

Kenta Bell is a good friend of RDQLUS—not only having worked with me on a couple of previous projects, but also having world-class athletics in common with me personally, as we have shared time on the USA Track & Field national rankings list in our competition days. As a personal trainer, renowned author, he is one of the premier track & field coaches in the world. So when the track & field Olympian sent a note saying he needed a quick bit of help to develop a logo set for his elite training camp, without question I was all in.

He sent a hand-drawn sketch of wha he wanted; one—a classic Deco styled circular stamp, the other—a very clever "TF" monogram loosely modeled after a track spike. The logos will be on full display in the coming year, as many os Bell's clientele are talented, skilled athletes ranging from up-and-coming youth athletes, to elite world-class athletes vying for World Championship & Olympic berths.